NECO 2019 Animal Husbandry And Essays Answer Now Available

Animal obj


In a tabular form 

Under MALE 
(i) Presence of penis. 
(ii) Presence of testes. 
(iii) Presence of vas defences. 

(i) Absence of penis. 
(ii) Presence of ovaries. 
(iii) Absence of vas defenses

In a tabular form 

Under BIRD 
(i) Presence of beak. 
(ii) Presence of wings. 
(iii) Absence of four walking legs. 
(iv) Absence of teeth. 
(v) Absence of furs 

(i) Absence of beak
(ii) Absence of wings. 
(iii) Presence of four walking legs. 
(iv) Presence of teeth
(v) Presence of furs. 

Rabbit –> kindling 
Goat –> kindling
Pig –> farrowing 
Cattle –> calving


(i) Low capital is investment
(ii) very little care and feeding is required
(iii) Low labour required
(iv) Low levels of management

(i) cheese
(ii) whey
(iii) yoghurt 




i. Water takes part in digestion (hydrolysis of protein, fats and carbohydrates).

ii. Water serves in absorption of digested nutrients

iii.It helps in the transportation of metabolites in the body.

iv. Excretion of waste products

v. The regulation of body temperature is dependent partially on the high conductive property of water to distribute heat within the body and by vapourization of excess water release by metabolic reaction within the cells.

*Pick any 4*

(iiicross breeding

(i) it control disease
(ii) it decrease the chance of injury
(iii) prevent stallion over use
(iv)allows more mares to be breed
(v)semen is evaluated each time it is collected.

Under Inbreeding;
(i)it involve the mating of related individuals that have one or more relatives in common
(ii)Linebreeding is a form of inbreeding.

Under Linebreeding
(i)it involves arranging matings so that one or more relatives occur more than once in a pedigree
(ii)Linebreeding is a term commonly used to describe milder forms of inbreeding

(i)Environment factor
(iii) Health status of the animal
(iv)Breeds of animal

(ii)poor hygiene or bad sanitation
(iii)not given vaccination
(iv)Bad management of stock

(i)cause Anaermia
(ii)cause liver rottening
(iii)it leads to digestive disturbance and bleeding internally.

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