WAEC 2019 Physics Practical B Answer Now Available

(Number 1)

(Pick two)

(i)I ensured neat traces/sharp pencil

(ii)I ensured that pins are reasonably spaced

(iii)I avoided parallax error in reading protractor.

Dispersion of light is the splitting of white light into seven colours on passing through a transparent medium like a glass prism

*(Number 3)*

(i)I ensured that electric terminals were tightly connected to avoid partial contact.

(ii)I ensured that the key was open when the readings were not taken in oder to avoid running down the cell or battery.

(iii)I avoided parallax error of the voltmeter when taking my reading.

(iv)I ensured that i used short connecting wires to minimize the resistance of the lengthy wire and conserve the energy of the battery.

– I ensure that I avoided parallax error when taking my readings
-i ensered that the wires are firmly tightened to the cell component

(i)It keeps people safe by preventing electric shocks.

(ii)It prevents damage to electrical appliances and devices by preventing excessive current from running through the circuit.


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