Nabteb 2019 Agricultural Practical Answers Now Available Here


1a) Specimen A is a file
Specimen B is a Grinding stone
Specimen C is a cutlass
Specimen D is a shovel
– They are both used for sharpening farm tools
– They are both used for smoothening rough surfaces of farm implements
– It should be sharpened regularly
– Keep it in a dry and cool place
– Metals part should be oiled and greased before storage
(i) – Possession of wooden handle
– Possession of rectangular or round edge
– Possession of hollow blade
(ii) A – It is used for sharpening blades of farm tools
C – For weeding farm lands
D – For making garden paths

2a) Specimen E is a clayed soil
Specimen F is a Loamy soil
Specimen G is sandy soil
Specimen H is a Legume
2b) – Specimen E –
– It is fined grained
– It is smooth to the touch
– Specimen F –
– It is dark brown or dark in colour
– It has non-powdery and non-sticky texture
– By planting cover crops
– By application of compost manure
– By mulching the soil
– It helps in holding water capacity of E and G
– It helps E and G structure of the soil by binding the particle of coarse – texture soil together
2e) Cocoa, Pepper, Casava and okro

– Specimen I is cowpea
– Specimen J is plantain
– I is a leguminous plant
– J is a staple food
– I : Vigna unguiculata
– J : musa paradisiaca
– I : it is prepared by seeds
– J : It is prepared by vegetative means
3e) None can be raised in a nursery
– I : Possession of long 20-50cm peduncle
– J : It is yellow in colour when matured
– I : Possession of varying size and shape of the leaves
– J : It can be eaten raw when matured
3g) Storage is done in silos on a large scale
3h) Pod borers, bean Beetle, leaf hoppers
– Bacteria disease is Bacteria wilt
– Fungal disease is Anthracnose

– Specimen K is Meat
– Specimen L is Guinea grass
– Specimen M is Tick
– By canning
– By curing (salting)
– By dehydrating
– By freeze drying method
– By smoking
– It is palatable to animals
– It is good for making of hay for the animals
– It is also used as medicine for animals
– Transmission of protozoa to animals
– Transmission of rickettsial to animals
– Transmission of viral diseases to animals
– They cause poor health and loss of production to animals

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