Chapter 6
He was seated by the edge of the bed, wearing
just white boxer shorts, staring at his phone
screen, looking at the double check on his
whatsapp chat with Adunni turn blue a few
seconds after each IM he sent her, but he wasn’t
getting any response from her. The air condition in
the room was on but little specs of sweat were
visible on his forehead. He got up after a while and
walked over to the window to look at nothing in
Everything had gotten weird after the last time they
saw, and he was wondering what had happened.
Was it something i did, or didn’t do? Should i have
proceeded to have sex with her that day? Different
thoughts came to his mind but he just couldn’t
make any sense out of why she would stop
answering his calls, or stop replying his messages.
Complications. He thought to himself and
remembered one of the reasons he had decided to
stay single for so long.
When he had called to tell Modupe about the new
development, she seemed surprised too. She
promised to find out what was going on and get
back to him. When he didn’t hear from her after a
few hours, he called her back, but she said she
hadn’t been able to get through to her friend yet.
That was yesterday, and he hadn’t heard from her
since then. He decided not to call her again
because he could tell from her voice on the phone
that she was lying about not being able to get
through to Adunni. He just couldn’t understand
what was really going on.
An idea came to him, and he walked over to his
wardrobe. He stood in front of it for a few seconds
as if running through what he was about to do in
his mind, then he shrugged, open the wardrobe,
and pulled out a sim pack from the inside pocket of
an old blazer. He removed the back of his phone,
replaced sim cards, put the back back in place,
and turned the phone on. He took a deep breath
as he dialed her number. She picked up on the
first ring. “Hello!”
“Why have you been avoiding me?” He said.
When she didn’t reply, he went on with, “I don’t
get it. Just tell me something, don’t…”
“Stephen, i can’t talk right now.”
“Adunni, just tell me what I did. What happened?”
She took a deep breath before saying, “It’s
“What exactly is complicated? Just tell me…tell me
whatever it is.” He said with a disgusted tone.
She said some things to someone where she was
and came on again, “Hello.”
“Yea, I am still here.”
“Stephen, let’s meet tonight and talk, but…”
“No. Just tell me right now.” He said sharply.
Obviously angry.
“You don’t understand, I…”
“Then make me understand. Tell me something.
Give me something…”
“Stephen, I can’t…I can’t..” She was saying in a
low tone as her voice trailed off.
“You can’t what? You can’t be with me?” He said
and she went silent. He waited a few seconds for a
response from her but all he got was heavy
breathing. Then he slowly removed the phone from
his right ear and disconnected the line. He stood in
one spot, hyperventilating as all his body shook in
rage. He looked down at his phone for a few
seconds then threw it at the wall. It shattered and
its pieces went flying in different directions.

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