THE CHOSEN ONE {the beast of GEVAUDAN} . . . . . . …..Episode 2….. . . . . . . ……… I was losing consciousness little by little, I could hear all the metal and every lock inside the tomb unlocking, after losing hope, my palm released from the palm shape keyhole. Before I could take a step away from there, I fell down and everything blacked out. when I opened my eye, I was on a bed, I was surprised how a cemetery turned to a bed, I checked by my side and saw my mom sleeping beside me, I looked around and saw that I was inside an hospital, how did I got here was the first question that I asked myself, I saw my mom waking up and quickly tried to close my eye but it was too late as she has already know that have woken up, she called my name gently as she always do anytime she is worried about me, I answered with guilt in my heart, I knew that she will be damned worried about me. MOM : welcome around Ben (trying to hide the tear drop trying to drop from her eye ) ME : I couldn’t say anything, I just nodded my head to show that am listening to her. MOM : it has been up to a week that you have been admitted here when we came to pick you from the cemetery ME : what the hell, (i almost screamed ) I couldn’t believe what am hearing, how did you know that I was there (i asked faintly ) MOM : Victor called me and I in turn called the ambulance because he said you passed out ME : am sorry mum, it was unintentional,i didn’t mean to put you through this MOM : it’s okay son, we will talk it out when we get home ME : what of dad? MOM : you know he is on a mission in another country, but have called him and he promised to come home soon ME : on a mission (i exclaimed) on a mission or he is in the midst of his mistresses dining and wining with them (I said to myself, tho my dad is a private investigator and most of the time, he is always away, but am very sure that he has a lot of mistress, because that what can explain him leaving me and my mom sometimes for two months and sometimes more than that, I don’t even miss him ,he is just like a non existing person to me, as long as i gat my mom, I care for nothing less ) okay mom MOM : I will go and inform the doctor that you are now awake so that he can perform some test on you which he insist you must be awake before he can do so. ME : okay mom MUM : (she pecked me on my forehead and head out of my ward ) The memory of that day came flooding my memory, what was that about, i asked myself, i remembered the bite on my hand and checked it, I saw that nothing appeared on it but I felt something moving inside my body, I felt the urge to vomit and quickly head into the restroom inside my Ward, I opened the closet and vomit something undescribable inside it, I felt as if my stomach is on fire as I was vomiting it, it was not stopping and I couldn’t control it, after some time, it stopped and i felt a little bit relieved, I washed my mouth and tried to flush the closet, but to my utmost surprise, nothing was inside it. Was I hallucinating, or could it be the effect of what happened at the cemetery, I stand up and tried to move out of the restroom, just then, my eye caught the mirror placed on the wall of the restroom, my eye, my eye, my eye has different colour, it was reddishly dark, I tried to put my hands on my face, that was when I noticed that my finger nails is now trice of it size and sharper, I don’t know how but I was able to hear the voice of my mom walking towards my ward with the voice of a man which I conclude must be the doctor, as the footstep and voice was getting nearer, I quickly shut the door of the restroom. not wanting to be discovered in my new form. I checked the mirror again to be sure if it is not that am hallucinating, but my eye was still like that and my finger nails is now longer again, what is happening to me, I was not able to answer my question when I heard a knock on the door MOM : Ben are you alright? ME : (trying to sound normal ) yes mum (but it was like a little roaring ) MOM : (panicking ) are you sure you are alright son?? ME : ( afraid that I might sound like before again, I moved to the water closet and flushed to make it seems like I was attending the nature’s business and talked amidst the water gushing down into the water closet ) in a muffled voice, I am fine mom. MOM : be quick with what you are doing, the doctor is here to see you ME : (silent, I could here their footsteps withdrawing from the entrance of the restroom, I sigh a sigh of relief and checked the mirror again, I noticed that I was transforming into something I can’t explain, my eye view was changing from normal to red, everything I was seeing is red, my face structure was changing and air was coming out from God knows where on my face, my teeth was changing, my height too started changing, I was hearing and perceiving many things at the same time, my head began to spin and I passed out. I woke up and saw no one beside me, but I found myself on the hospital bed again, just then I heard the door opened and I saw Becky and Victor, Becky was just too hot, her skimpy red gown made her to look like a goddess, I felt like having her right there, I don’t know where those urge were coming from but I was able to control with my the anger I channelled towards Victor for escaping by himself, but I think he later came back because my mom said he was the one that called her. . VICTOR : what up dude ME : ( looked at him with the eye of say another thing and I will shove your head into your a-s ) how are you Becky? (i said without replying Victor ) VICTOR : (not giving Becky chance to answer me ) I am very sorry dude, I was very scared, that was why I ran, I thought everywhere was going to collapsed as the ground started shaking, but I still came back for you ME : (.with anger clearly visible on my face ) to take my corpse home right? you ran away to save your sorry a-s when you were the one that lure me into that danger in the first place ( I have never felt angry like this before and I don’t know why I was unable to control my anger, I felt like slashing him there and eat all his intestine in order to appeal to myself for what he did ) VICTOR : don’t take it personal Ben, you would have done the same if you were in my position that day. ME : (that statement pulled the trigger in me because I am sure that I will not leave him to die there if I was in his position, all my sense of thinking got locked up and I could feel myself transforming, my finger nails was as sharp as a sword and I was ready to slash him into two. As I stood up to attack him . To be continue….

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