Instantly, they walked back slowly to the reception. As usual, the two ladies were
seen busy with their phones. Its 11.05pm according to the wall clock which was
hanged on the wall at the reception.
Hey ladies! Shadow called
Yes sir. Joy responded first while Sharon stand up too
Yea. We met him. We need a room in the executive suite too
Oh, Great sir! Our executive suite is N30, 000 per night. Joy explained
Oh good. Please can we find a room closer to him because we can’t afford to stay
far from each other as we are getting to share a sense of bonhomie as to some good
old moments we had once had together? Fredo asked.
Let me check sir. Sharon punched the keyboard in front of her and after scanning
the list of rooms available then she looked up
Oh sir, we have room 33 which is just in front of his room. Would you manage that
That will be good. Shadow said
Fredo brought out his ATM card and pay through the hotel’s POS machine. He
collected the key and the receipt which was immediately issued by Joy.
Do have a great night sir. Sharon said happily
The night would be super good if we could have either of you in our room for
some couple of hours. Shadow said smiling

Joy and Sharon both looked at each other in amazement. They know the guys who
could give them N5000 some minutes ago are capable to pay them huge sum of
money which could match their salaries; for a job of just two hours or earlier.
Ok, ok! Joy replied happily
But you know we both can’t leave here. So we would come one after the other.
Sharon said
Ok girls. We will be waiting for you girls. Fredo said
What a night it would be. Killing two birds with a stone. What other better way to
do a job than to enjoy two beautiful girls before killing the stupid Corper. Shadow
thought as they headed to their room.
Getting to their room, they called the kitchen and ordered for some energy drinks
and some bottles of beer. When their order was done, they both drank their drinks,
toxify the remnant with a little sedative and perfectly corked it up.
Give it to that security guard there. That should knock him out for at least 9 hours.
We should be executing the Corper latest by 6am then we leave without any trace
Fredo said
Shadow kept the bottle of Goldberg separate and a plate of barbecue.
Some minutes later, Joy walked in and they all together had some fun. About an
hour after Joy left. Sharon too walked in and same thing happened.
By 3am, after Sharon had left, Shadow walked out with a bottle of beer and plate
of pepper soup in his hands heading towards the security man who was browsing
on his phone at that time of the hour.
Chairman, we say make we come give you this small thing. So you go fit enjoy
this morning.
Abass, the security man fell for the bait happily while shadow walked back to his
Part 1 done. Shadow exclaimed and plunged into bed.



Let’s not sleep. Remember we need to finish it off by six. It’s just 3.21am. Fredo
said from the bathroom.
Ola’s POV
The next morning…
It was a long night. I woke up around 4.15am. A phone was ringing loudly in the
room and the ringing tone was quite different from my ring tone. I turned from the
chair I had slept on then I saw the figure sleeping peacefully on the bed then
everything that happened the previous night began to play back in my brain. I
stood up and walked towards the bed to see her sleep. I walked back to the chair to
Last I forget to say, my guardian angel and I communicate in my quiet times of
meditating. Our communication is now very fluent and easy contrary to all of those
times when I was yet in oblivion about how I could figure, use and control my powers. Besides, using my powers during heated combats at operations, he (my
guardian angel) had taught me how to interprete my dreams and dreams of others
but what he still failed to reveal to me was my full strength. His excuse was that, it
was not time for me to know my climax of power unless the time has come.
I went on my knees, “Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gift of life. Lead me aright
today and help me…then I was taken in a trance.
You need to leave here right now. My Guardian angel said
Why? What’s wrong? Am planning to leave here today anyway. Why the haste? I
Just leave this vicinity within the next 20 minutes. Use the backdoor, don’t inform
anybody. To obey is better than sacrifice and to heed is better than fat of rams.
Immediately, I was taken back to the room.
Just as instructed, I hurriedly packed my bags and some of my personal belongings
in the room while I used the back door.
Fredo and his accomplice were both holding their short pistol walking towards the
Ready? Fredo asked Shadow

Sure! He replied
They opened their door slowly and yanked the door opposite them open but were
shocked only to meet an empty room.
What? Fredo shouted
Check the bathroom! Shadow ordered
They both walked to the bathroom together to see it was empty as well.
Oh God! What do we do?
Fredo brought out his phone and put a call across to his boss. On the second call,
he picked up
Is it done? Phillipo asked
Boss, he escaped again! Fredo said disappointingly
What? Find him. He must not escape this time. Chief has already paid for his life. I
want him alive or dead. Philipo said and dropped the call.
Somewhere along Ibadan expressway…
Ola was driving with Seyi beside him at the front seat. The sun was setting already.
Seyi yawned and turned, rubbed her eyes then and startled! As her sense of
paranoid from the scar with which the gory experience she had that night left her
came haunting her.
Where are we? She asked
Fear not girl, we are on our way to Akwa ibom

Ola’s POV
After a 12- hour drive, we finally got to Seyi’s destination.

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