Seyi’s POV
Ola’s just so lovely. He is just like God-sent. Have you ever imagined going
around to look for money but you met fame on the way? That just the way I felt. If
not for the disappointment I met at Deji’s residence, I wouldn’t have met him. He
is such a gentleman. The past four days has been a game changer for me. Am
beginning to fall in love with him; no doubt! But he has made it clear to me that he
was engaged with a white witch named Kim. Ola really loves her and isn’t ready to

give up on her. He told me all about him and why he is currently in the country. F-
Jay and I were able to persuade him to leave after the elections but the truth is I

still couldn’t bear to see him leave. He isn’t mine, is he?
He asked me to take him to some corpers lodge close to us so he could meet them
since that was his first time in the eastern part of the country. We visited the NCCF
family house along abak road, the Anglican corpers’ lodge along udoette Nelson
road and the deeper life lodge along ikpa road.
It’s just two days to the state election and F-Jay and I were among the selected
corpers to conduct the elections in some wards and local government areas.
Ola’s POV

Seyi and I have been taking a tour around Akwa ibom since morning. We really
had a nice time together like we were lovers but unfortunately for her, I was
engaged. We left Okobo local govt to see the corpers’ lodge there and there we
spent a lot of time catching fun with the corpers there. We visited Fizzy wears to
get some clothings for myself since they won’t allow me leave. When we left
there, we went to Damaris Couture to get some ladies wares for her and Felicia.
7.45pm, we were in the outskirts of Ikot-Ekpene, looking for a taxi that would take
us home. It’s been like an hour waiting at the bus stop still unable to get a bus
when this white taxi came. My guardian angel giggled in me. He does that
whenever he senses danger but I still couldn’t decode properly. I could witness the
energies of the occupants of the cab glowing in black flames. I hesitated at first but
Seyi dragged me to enter and we both sat in the front seat. I managed to look back
and I see that 2 out of the 3 people sitting at the back were asleep.
Ding dong! My head rang a bell


Ding dong! My head rang a bell but I still neglected that too and I still managed to
remain calm so as not to raise unnecessary alarm beside Seyi who was busy
humming to a song she was listening via her hands-free.
Some 10 minutes later, I suddenly felt a strong hand from the back putting a
handkerchief in my nose with one hand and trying to ensure that i sit back in the
chair. The driver had also worked on Seyi the same way and she had fallen asleep
right away while I still kept struggling with the forces but couldn’t fight long
enough but the effect of what I thought could be chlorofome was too much for me
to bear as I gave up along the line.
The Shrine
Ete iwat, Anyaso the herbalist was seen chanting serious incantations in his shrine.
All sorts of idols were seen at one side although the whole place was covered with
locally made mat. Just then a white car drove into his yard.
Ubong and his other guys brought out Ola and Seyi and two others and they
brought them to the back yard of Anyaso. After dropping them there, Ubong went
into the shrine to meet the herbalist and after sometime, they both come out and
from the look on Owo uko, it shows he was satisfied with what he was seeing.

Herbalist: Tell Chief that the sacrifice will be ready by 12.00pm tomorrow. Tell
him to be rest assured that he is the next governor of the state.
Ubong left the yard to make the call to Chief Allyson.
Ola’s POV
3 hours later
I don’t know where I was but I knew I was in danger. I managed to open my eyes
but my eyes couldn’t see anything. Am I blind? I asked myself. I tried to move my
legs but it was well chained with padlock while my hands was chained too. I
couldn’t see anything yet so I decide to sleep again. Some hours later, I could hear
movement of things around me. I opened my eyes but the brightness of the sun
made me to close my eyes again and I opened them but slowly this time. I watched
around me and I could see some pregnant women being tied too but with a rope.
Wait, wait, wait, where is SEYI? I asked myself trying to stand again. Then I
looked around very well only to see her amidst the tied pregnant women. Looking
around very well, I see we were tied separately, the men and the women separately
while some little kids was seen sitting down on the bare floor too.
Seyi: Ola, Ola, Ola, and then she started crying
Ola: It’s okay Seyi. Just be quiet. Stop crying dear.
Some minutes later, two guys came forward and grabbed one of the pregnant
women then everyone started wailing loudly. I looked around and I noticed again
we were in the midst of a thick forest.
Oh God, help me. I breathed
What’s happening? I asked no one in particular because everybody is busy crying
Then from the room the woman was taken to, I could hear a cry of pain for some
minutes before everything silenced again
Oh God! This are ritualist! Fear gripped me instantly
From the room the cry was heard, I saw the guys with the remains of the pregnant
woman without head.
Jesus! I shouted
I need to do something! I managed to say to myself

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