Story: Intimate Tales Of Enitsua….Part 10

A story written by Enitsua…..

I must have slept off for a few minutes after the
turbulent love making, because when I opened
my heavy eyes, Rachael was no more beside
me. I checked my watch it was now 6:15am.
Damn! I should be going but let me see her
first, I said.
Just then a phone beeped, it was Rachael’s
phone, a HTC ONE brand. I always admired the
HTC brands, even more than I did with Apple,
so I picked up the phone to skim through its
features. While I struggled to get acquainted
with its interface, I mistakenly opened a
message meant for Rachael. It read: Your
people arrested my partner yesterday and
they seem to be on to me, I am hoping
you will keep to your own part of the
What did the text mean? Who sent it? Was
Rachael into some shady deal? Was it in
connection to Chief Samuele’s robbery?.
Torrential flow of questions barged through my
brain. I remembered the police had arrested
four people yesterday including one of the
robbers, the second robber was no where to be
found. So was Is it the second robber who sent
the text, was Rachael aiding and abating the
robbers, but why, No! it can’t be, my Rachael
won’t do such a thing, am sure there’s a perfect
explanation to all this. I evacuated all the
thoughts, I was just being paranoid, I had in
fact been through a lot recently, I was tired. I
just needed to see Rachael before I leave to my
comfortable home, so I kept on fiddling with the
phone trying to access her picture gallery, just
when I thought I saw a picture, the phone
became unresponsive, saying ‘Phone locked,
Input pass code’, I felt I just saw a picture of
Catherine, Catherine and Rachael. Rachael and
that criminal, no! my mind was playing tricks
with me, I really need to go home and rest, am
starting to see things.

I headed out of the room and in front of me was
a corridor, one room on each side and then a
door stood in front of me. We had come to the
house at the depth of the night, so I had
forgotten the way we came from. At that point I
just needed to find an exit and get going, I
could pay Rachael a visit later in the day. This
thing growing between us was huge, yes she
was a widow, by far my senior, a police woman
handling life threatening cases, but then we felt
something for each other, I loved her.
I approached the door ahead of me and opened
it, to my disappointment it was another room. I
was about closing the door in despair when I
perceived something, something very
scintillating and cool, a sweet perfume
associated with someone bitter and cruel.
Strawberry and cinnamon. It can’t be!, am I
suffering from a post dramatic stress disorder?
Just when I tried to discredit the unfolding
events, I saw something on the bed, inside the
room, it was a cluster of laptops, among them
was an apple Mac, one which held a striking
resemblance to the one I saw at the club, the
laptop of one of the yahoo boys.

I don’t know what pushed me to tap a button
on the apple mac, but when I did the screen
came to life and behold I saw a dialog box
‘Decoding complete…New Mtn magic sim cheat
code acquired’. I stared at the screen in horror,
it was in fact the laptop at the safari air club, I
remembered vividly, the black background and
numbers ascending in quick succession. Then,
it just showed ‘Decoding…’. But how was this
possible! I rubbed my eyes violently to see if I
was hallucinating, then exclaimed again but
how !, How did the laptop’s get here, in
something that looked like a psychic vision, I
had a flash back “Leave your laptops, leave
everything, I’ll take care of them”. That’s what
Catherine said at the club, urging the boys to
chase after me. So the only person who could
procure this laptops here, was in fact
CATHERINE!, but did she leave here?.
I barely finished asking myself the question
when I heard two clicking sounds behind me. I
turned around and what I saw threw me into a
state of partial madness, I couldn’t believe my
eyes, yet what I saw confirmed my hypothesis.
Its was Catherine and Rachael pointing a .22
magnum mini revolver at me. For Catherine it
was understandable, she was a criminal, a soul
doomed to rot in hell, but not Rachael, not my
heroine, my soft and tender, bright eyed
Rachael. Why would she want to kill me?
“Rachael what is the meaning of this?” I
appealed, in a heartbroken tone. But Rachael
just stood there, her gun point. Steadily
directed straight at my chest, her expression
empty and bland, that sparkle in her eye that
once was, was long gone, it seems it never
existed, it was never real.
“Enitsua meet my daughter Catherine” Rachael
said then continued “Since you never asked me
of my full name, I’ll just tell you now. My name
is Rachael Davies, wife of late James Davies”.
Then It all became clear, the once abstruse
puzzle, became a comprehensive whole. No, not
all parts of the puzzle, some parts were still

Catherine is her daughter?, I thought she said
she had no daughter; give it up fool she lied to
you, it’s as simple as that, she lied about
everything!!!, my inner mind yelled at me.
“Mum we agreed he was to be killed
immediately after the operation, the operation
was successful what is he still doing here, in her
house, mum did you sleep with him?!”
Catherine screamed, feeling uneasy. I watched
Catherine’s hands and her index finger was
quivering at the trigger.
It seemed she would pull the trigger at me in
any moment, though she looked at me, she saw
nothing; to her I was already among the dead.
“Baby relax, don’t shoot him just yet”
“Mum!!! You thought me that the first step to
failure in this business is going back on your
“I said hold it!”. Rachael yelled back.
“At least before I die, I deserve an explanation”.
I said, virtually sobbing. The proceeding
revelations had broken me and I became not a
man but a thing film of despair.
“Enitsua” Rachael started, then continued “You
have been caught in a cross fire between me
and the people that did me wrong, it is
unfortunate that you were just a pun in the
chess game of my revenge. Chief Samuel
Davies is a devil and a hard hearted criminal, he
instigated my husband, his brother to yield to
the business proposals of the yahoo boys and
he also gave the yahoo boys information on how
to defraud my husband, Chief Davies
condemned us to a life of penury and
I watched Rachael as she spoke and I realized
she was determined in whatever she was doing.
I knew I was dead for sure.
“My young handsome Enitsua, your arrest was
just a distraction. I made a deal with two people
to ransack Samuele’s house and get his pass
book making it look like a robbery, your arrest
was to distract my officer’s attention from the
real perpetrators. Unfortunately I need to
silence the robbers, because I have no
tolerance for loose ends. I was to use Samuel’s
pass book and bank information, manipulate it
and draw out all his life savings, just like he did
to my husband, although indirectly.” She raised
her eyebrow in brief remorse, then she
proceded “But then I didn’t know a thing about
bank frauds, so that’s when I brought in the
yahoo boys, exactly the same boys that relieved
my husband of his means of livelihood…”
Rachael moved a way from Catherine, taking a
casual stroll, her gun still focus at my chest. I
saw the befuddlement on Catherine face as she
wondered why her mum was saying all these
instead of shooting me, throwing me into a
lagoon and forgetting about me.

“So I planted Catherine into their midst, my
plan was for them to teach her a few tricks, set
up the stage and then I eliminate them, picking
up from where they left off. Everything worked
out perfectly that night” Rachael’s mouth
opened in a cynical smile as she continued.
” Sorry I had to deceive you with the recording
device that was just a techno phone. After I
called you using the walkie talkie application, I
was able to drag them out to their death,
leaving Catherine there with their laptops and


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