Mourinho Reveals Country That’ll Win Trophy In Russia, Gives Reasons

Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, has given reasons England will win the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

One of Mourinho’s reasons was the fact that all of Gareth Southgate’s squad play in the Premier League – which he described as the best League in the world.

“England have a good group of young but experienced players. All of them play in the best domestic competition in the world in the Premier League.

“All of them play in the best teams. All of them have experience of playing in the Champions League. So yes, they can do it.”

Mourinho spoke during a Q&A session with school children arranged by his personal sponsors, Jaguar.

Four of his Manchester United squad members are in the England squad – Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Marcus Rashford.

Speaking about Lingard, he said, “He is a naughty but funny guy. He is the funny one that doesn’t disturb the class. He is the funny one that the teacher isn’t upset with.

“He is the one that makes things work and in the right moment he is positive and he makes everyone in the class laugh and creates a good atmosphere and that is the atmosphere that we always want in our class, because I was also a school teacher and I know what it means.

“We like the funny person that doesn’t disturb and makes everyone happier. We don’t like the naughty ones who disturb everyone as they learn.”


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